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Childcare bonus for the period: 1.3.- 31.3.2021

You CAN`T combine the Childcare bonus with the Compensation bonus.

Who can apply:

A self-employed person for the main activity, which, due to extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health against the spread of COVID-19 infection, cannot carry out (fully or partly) its business activity due to care for:

• a child attending school or other childcare facilities that have been closed following a resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic on the adoption of a crisis measure in connection with the spread of COVID-19 infection and is under 10 years;

• dependent child up to the age of 26, who is dependent on the assistance of another person at least at level I (slight dependence) if they cannot attend school because of its closure

• a person who is dependent on the assistance of another person at least in level I (slight dependence) who was temporarily placed in the home care due to the closure of welfare facilities where they otherwise reside.

Amount of the bonus: 400 CZK/day

How to apply:

1.   Fill in the form in Czech:

2.   Sign the form

3.   Send it through your databox (ID wnswemb) or by mail to:


Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Na Františku 32

110 15 Praha 1

(or by email, but ONLY with electronic signature to

What to send:

Signed form (no need to sign it, if you send it through your databox)

NO NEED to send a proof that the school was closed.

Who can`t apply:

Employed people, pensionairs, v.o.s. and k.s. directors, persons on maternity/parental leave and other persons whose business is „side“ activity (OSVČ vedlejší).

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