New Online Tax Account - ( DIS +)

Petra Marshall

New online tax account (DiS+)

New DiS + serves as your online tax account and replace old DIS with new face and functions.

New function

Registration – with DIS+ you don`t need to apply for the access to DIS+ and wait for response from tax office as it was for “old” DIS. You should be able to login through your internet banking, e-identity, databox  user ID or ID given by tax office.

Permission to Third Party (ie Accountant or Tax Advisor)

You can give the access to your DIS+ with given 10 digit code provided by DIS+.

Tax Return Filing

Simplified directly from DIS+ instead of using EPO, Databox or filing in the paper form. Your details will be uploaded from ARES (central register of tax payers) with all history and easy to use with help instructions for everyone to understand, however still only in Czech.

Tax Payment

Payments can be made easy with QR Code, in future they are in talks to use GoPay or Internet Bank Transfer.

Email reminder

For any due tax payments including road tax.

Contact Changes

Easy to make changes of contact details directly in DiS+

How to Login into DiS+ this link will bring you to site where you can choose to login with e-ID (government unique QR code, e-obcanka, passport for EU nationals, SMS code, ID card Stracos, mojeID and internet banking), databox user ID or EPO user ID (tax office website)