Readymade CO

Ready Made Company

An s.r.o. is the equivalent of an (Limited Liability Corporation) LLC in the United States. The process of formation can be expensive and most of all time consuming. To save time and money our ready made s.r.o. companies are available whether for business or visa concerns.

We set up all these companies and for that reason we are absolutely shure, that all s.r.o. companies have a clean history available for review and past accounting is complete and without debt or problems.

We make it easy and fast to have your s.r.o. up and running! You can change the name of the company, also the Business seat, number of owners and shareholders.

Business seat for 1Y for free!

We can help you to open a bank account and to get the trade licence.

Price 20 000 czk (not including notary fees).

Let us take care of your accounting taxes and sleep worry free