Data Box (Datová schránka) in 2023 for all freelancers and non-business legal entities

Jana Schwanova

Data Box (Datová schránka) is used to exchange documents between Czech authorities and legal entities, freelancers or citizens. It fully replaces delivery in paper form. The state communicates with you through the Data Box, and so do you with it. Communication with the state authorities is free of charge.

As of 1.1.2023, Data Boxes will be automaticaly created by law to freelancers (OSVČ) and all legal entities which don´t have the Data Box yet (associations of apartment unit owners /SVJ/, other associations, foundations etc.). This means, that these entities need to communicate via the Data Box since this time. Any other mean of communication will be not considered.

Login details will be sent by mail to the non-business legal entities and freelancers after year end.
Subsequently, Data Boxes will be automaticaly activated even if they do not take over the login details and never log in.

If you have the Data Box created mandatory by law, you must file all the tax returns via the Data Box only. Also all official communication will be delivered by the authorities only via the Data Box and once the communication is delivered, it is considered as read even if you don`t open the Data Box.

You can set up the message notifications to your email.

Data Box is held in Czech language.

If you are affraid that you will miss the letter with the credetials after year end, you can set up the Data box already now on CzechPoints.

Where to log in to the Data Box? - „Přihlášení do datových schránek“ – „JMÉNEM A HESLEM“ – add login details: „Uživatelské jméno“ (user name) and „Heslo“ (password)

More info about the Data Box and how can I use it? (EN)